Leona - Loving life with Wesley in North Jersey

I've been meaning to write you guys a thank you email for a while but things have been a little fast paced. Leona is the most perfect cat ever and parenting her has made my life full of joy. She is super sweet, smart, funny, loyal and o-so-loving. (She knows many tricks by now: sit, high five, kiss, lie down, spin and etc.)  I just really wanted to share my progress with you guys, thanks again for making this happen! She is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Wesley S.


Kali and Loki now live with Meg, TR and family in Central, New Jersey

We couldn't be more happy with the F4 Savannah's we got from RollinRidge. Ridgley and Ron both really care about all their cats and it shows in how they run their cattery. Top notch. They are very knowledgeable and answer all concerns or questions you may have, even after your kitten comes home with you. We ended up taking home a brother and a sister of the same litter! They have just turned six months and our growing into beautiful cats with quite the personalities! Kali loves to play but also likes to go off on her own. She's affectionate, but it has to be on her terms. Loki loves affection. He's also very, very playful and gets himself into trouble pretty often. LOL, he keeps us on our toes. They both love our one year old male cat Boots. We now call him Mama Boots because he acts like their Mama. We love them so much and could not picture our lives without them!! RollinRidge is the place to go! [Breeder note: Who do you think did not want to cooperate with the photo shoot? Yup, Loki. Of all pictures they sent to me, I had to put up the picture of Loki laying in the flowers. Loved it!]

Dino – happily in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Dino lives in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and he is 19 months old. He is long, slender and tall. We visited RollinRidge on the day he was born. We visited a couple times before bringing home. The cats are healthy and the cattery is clean and their kittens are socialized. The advice we've received prior to bringing him home was excellent and got us off to a great start. I've even been able to still get great advice since he's been home. He is the best companion ever. He is smart, playful, athletic and loves being involved in every family activity. He was introduced to a jacket for walking on a leash by RollinRidge and is excellent walking outdoors and riding in a car.

Zeus – living in North Jersey

Zeus is now about 12 pounds and is a very happy Savannah. He "took care of" a mouse in the house a couple days ago and then quite literally strutted around with pride for the rest of the day. He usually only gets the chance to kill rolls of toilet paper, which he does with gusto. Otherwise, he is a very well behaved, joyful cat. He's also taken very well to being toilet trained on a human toilet - haven't needed litter in months. Very smart little guy. I'm very thankful for the good breeding. Steve

Nala – I’m in Shamong, New Jersey

I had been interested in the Savannah for quite sometime. I did an exuberant amount of research on the breed and breeders before contacting Rollin Ridge. After 2 years of thinking about it, my husband convinced me to set up an appointment to see the cats, check out the facility, etc. My daughter, who was 10 at the time, and I set out to visit the cattery. We were given a full tour of the cattery and invited to visit with all of the cats. It was clear from our first visit that both Ron & Ridgley put their all into the cats and they truly care for each and every one of them. The cattery, stud barn and their home are impeccable. All of the cats are in perfect health and so friendly. I knew that I had to look no further! Nala wasted no time making herself at home. From the 1st day to now she was smart, fearless, loving, playful, everything a Savannah should be. Nala greets us at the door when we get home, sits by or brings us her favorite toy when she wants to play, and is always making us laugh. Since I have 2 house cats who are 8 & 14 years, as well as having my daughters friends in the house I was nervous as to how all would work out. While it didn't take Nala long to try to be friends with the other cats, it took sometime for them to warm up to her. Now, they chase each other around the house, scuffle over the same toy and snuggle up together as all siblings do. As for the kids in the house, Nala sees it as just another person to play with her and give her attention! My advice to anyone thinking they may want a Savannah is to research the breed! Savannah's are not your typical house cat. They want to be involved in your life and be part of your family. Much like a dog, they require attention and playtime daily but in return, you will have a best friend for life. If you're still interested, look no further Rollin Ridge is 1st class from the beginning. I have already contacted them about another kitten!

Leo – I’m in Woodbridge, New Jersey

I've wanted a Savannah for several years, and began doing extensive research into the breed once I decided that now was the right time to introduce a new kitten into the family. Many Savannah breeders were looked into. Few were contacted. Only RollinRidge peaked my interest as a viable possibility. After receiving a personal tour of their entire establishment, which Ron and Ridgley are happy to provide to anyone with an appointment, I knew I'd found the perfect cattery. RollinRidge Savannahs have a great deal of knowledge and experience with Savannahs and are prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Once you've selected your kitten, you can make arrangements to visit it as often as you like within the hours they provide. If you haven't contacted or visited RollinRidge Savannahs yet, and you are seriously looking to adopt a Savannah, you need to schedule an appointment immediately! After your visit, your biggest decision won't be choosing the right cattery, but deciding how many kittens to adopt! I adopted the "runt" of the litter and you'd never know it! Leo is my F6 Savannah. At 5 months old he's already full of personality, charm and fearlessness. He's already comfortable wearing his kitten harness, and recently ventured around my front yard. I can't wait until he's fully leashed trained! Thanks so much for all of your patience and advice, Ron and Ridgley! Sincerely, Andy Saporito, Sophie, Jackson & Leo


Bastet – I’m in Massachusetts

Bastet is truly such a light in my life. I love her so dearly!!! She makes me laugh everyday. She is always talking and chattering back at us in response. She loves to greet me wehen I get home from work with a million headbutts in trade for belly rubs. She loves shoulder rides and is a total snuggle lap cat. I've never had a cat so affectionate and I've owned them my whole life! She loves when company comes over the house and hangs out with us; she always wants to be part of everything we do. She is extremely well behaved. We are so blessed to have this furry baby in our lives.


Noah & Kaya - We're in Limerick, PA

I want to share with you how happy I am with my feline companions. Noah is very sweet, always protective of his sister and constantly seeking out companionship. When you play with him he is careful not to put out his claws, and he loves to jump up for head butts and to be petted, especially when you get home from a long day. He is still the adventurer and runs head on (literally) into every situation. Kaya loves to be the center of attention and will let you know if you are not spending enough time with her. She has the unique ability to paw wave and a mew (or a chirp!) to communicate whatever is on her mind.They are the most well-behaved cats I have ever met - they completely understand "no", "down", "out" and will listen when instructed. I had a guest from Australia recently, and he noted "The cats in Australia are never this well behaved!"  Thank you for being so wonderful and raising two awesome feline members of the family, David


Skye – I’m in Philadelphia, PA

After hours of research online, multiple trips to different breeders, and hours of conversation between the both of us, we took a trip to RollinRidge farms.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by Ron and Ridgley and immediately felt welcomed. We were shown every square inch of their property. The stud barn, the queen quarters, and their own home were absolutely immaculate.  Clearly a lot of time goes into the up-keep of such an operation.  Both Ron and Ridgley were able to answer any and all questions we had and made us feel totally at home.  Needless to say our f/4 SBT cat is about 7 months old now and has exceeded all of our expectations.  Every guest we have over our house always has the same things to say. “Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful.” and “She really is like a dog.”  Skye (our cat’s name) greets us anytime we get home, and sleeps with us every night.  When lying on the couch, she is right there lying with you, and if you’re ready to play so is she.  All around, after having dogs our whole life, nothing compares to the companionship, spunkiness, and the hint of wildness that RollinRidge has afforded us.  We are still able to call or Ron and Ridgley anytime we have a question; truly a first class operation.  The only drawback to owning a savannah of this quality is we already want another. Tim and Melissa

Black Nose aka Tiggy - I'm in NorthEast US

To anyone looking for a baby Savannah, I will give you my input and experience from the last nine months of being a F3 Savannah owner. My Name is Justin from the North East region of the United States. I'm 33 years old and have been around cats all my life. I have been intrigued by larger cats since I was a kid "Links, Bob cats, Mountain Lions. Over the last few years I have been hearing more about the Savannah cats as they are gaining popularity. During the winter months of 2012 my female tabby cat Mayyii passed away of natural causes after a good 18 years of life. It was a sad time but just as in life we must move on. As the spring rolled around I missed the comfort and love of my cat. I started looking and researching the Savannah breed. I looked into the night researching about the breed, watching YouTube videos, reading any bit of information I was able to find on the internet. I was in love with the breed and knew my next cat had to be a savannah. It came time to figuring out what level of a savannah that I felt comfortable with, being a first time owner. I decided to get a F3 kitten. My next step was researching breeders, I started searching the web for breeders around my area then started searching the tri-state area, then as far as the entire country. I started looking through web sites for available kittens. I then traveled and visited several breeders throughout the north east region. When I came to RollinRidge Savannahs I was greeted by Ron Carr. He was very honest, knowledgeable and experienced. My first impressions were A+ comparing to the several other breeders that I visited. The kennel was professionally set up, clean and you can tell that there was a good vibe amongst all of the cats. From the serval's to the savannah parents. I got a little bit of a background about Ron during my visit. He spent many years serving our country breeding and training dogs for our country's military. I have a great deal of respect for him in doing so and it then made sense why everything was so professionally set up. I learned after him retiring from serving our country Ron and his lovely wife Ridgley took up breeding savannah cats many years ago. I was given a great tour, introduced to many of the cats at the facility then the kittens. This is when I found my baby Tiggy. I can talk about him forever but I will try to make it short. He is a beautiful cat with a great personality that is very unique. From the time I brought him home he was very social able with all friends, family and other pets. I started him on a leash taking him for walks right away. He now loves going on his casual walks, playing, running around, climbing trees in the back yard as I provoke him to enjoy his kitty days. He is honestly one of the best cats I have ever owned. He is so good with people, so friendly and truly loyal to me. I am a man of Karma and honesty and if you are considering any generation of a Savannah I highly recommend RollinRidge Savannahs. I hope you enjoy your Savannah as much as I am!!


Bella & Elvis – We’re in North Jersey

To say we're enjoying Bella (F4) and Elvis (F3) would be an understatement, they are truly amazing! They are loving and affectionate, not to mention beautiful. We are so happy to have found RollinRidge Savannah's. Ridgley and Ron have been so wonderful and helpful. We highly recommend their cattery to anyone who is considering adding a Savannah to their family. Sincerely, John, Mena & Jayson


Bizzy Magnolia – I’m in South Jersey

Bizzy Magnolia is her name. She is the dog my husband wanted, the sister my boys were begging for and the cat I was longing to have. We had never owned a pure bred cat and we’re very hesitant to make such an investment and then we met Ridgley, Ron and, of course, Bizzy. Ridgley and Ron encouraged us to bring our boys out to there place and meet their cats and learn about the Savannah bred. We did that a few days before Christmas and were immediately sold. Bizzy joined our family in January of 2013 after my husband found RollinRidge Breeders. RollinRidge Breeder did a stellar job at breeding a wonderfully loving, curious, tolerant, intelligent cat. I’ve had cats my whole life and Bizzy Magnolia is the most amazing cat I’ve ever had! She brings such joy to our family and I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with the newest addition to our family. We aren’t the only people who love Bizzy. Everyone who enters our house is enamored by her. She greets you at the door. She plays, gives kisses and loves being held. She seeks people out and is a total social butterfly. The other night, my husband asked me if I would get another Savannah and I said “of course, would you?” and his response was “I would.” This is coming from man who was not a cat person. Bizzy has won us all over. She has captured our heart and brings us joy every day. Beth Zanetich /A completely satisfied owner of a RollinRidge Savannah


Stormy – I live at the Jersey Shore

I personally found RollinRidge Savannahs to be First Class, from the day I first e-mails my questions about Savannahs, to the day I picked up my kitten. Thank you! Dan Ellis


Max - I'm in Qatar, Saudi Arabia

I traveled from Qatar to New Jersey to pick up my Savannah to bring him home to Qatar. He's a fun, loving, energetic cat and we love him

Darwin - I'm now in North Jersey

My family and I are so pleased to have found RollinRidge Savannahs. We became interested in purchasing a Savannah after the loss of our Maine Coon. Having young children and two dogs, it is important to us to have a cat that is playful and energetic as well as tolerant! After some research we decided a Savannah might suit our needs. I found RollinRidge online along with many other breeders in the area.RollinRidge got back to me right away, even though they did not have a kitten available at the moment. They were friendly and invited us to come visit so we could interact with the cats and see if it was truly the right breed for us. I was immediately impressed when I saw the facilities. You could tell that Ron & Ridgley are passionate about their animals just by the cleanliness and the amenities provided for the cats. Not only are they beautiful, they are in good health and happy - it was easy to see that they are loved! They allowed us to enter and interact with them and were full of information and eager to share. We decided we would wait for the next litter and come back. Once the litter was born, they called, sent pictures and e-mails and kept us updated on their progress. They encouraged us to come spend time with them and welcomed us into their home to enjoy the new kittens. So we visited twice before “pick-up” day. We now have a wonderful addition to our family- he is an F6, has great markings and is really energetic! He gets along well with the dogs, plays with the kids and snuggles when he takes his naps. I highly recommend RollinRidge to anyone looking for a Savannah. Thank you to Ron and Ridgley for doing what you do! Sincerely, The Henry family


Ichigo - I'm in South Jersey

Ichigo is a fantastic, strikingly handsome cat, all the techs at the vet have to see him whenever we go in, and they all remark on how exotic he looks, with his wedge-shaped head and radar-dish ears. Other clients also admire him and ask what breed he is, and remark on his markings and rusty-gold coloring. He is calm and confident, and allows all the girls to pick him up, as well as allowing my vet to hold him on his back in the crook of his arm like a baby. He also gets along well with all my other cats, who range in age from 2 to 16 years. he seems to prefer the dog. They are inseparable, and sleep together like this all the time. They play constantly, racing through the house, up and down the stairs, onto the beds and under the furniture. And at the end of the day, they're still best buddies. So thanks again! He really is a great cat. A.S


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