Located in South Jersey, our cattery is nestled between blueberry farms and cranberry bogs. Where summertime is all about the sweetness of the Jersey fruits and vegetables and fall brings in the harvest of the tart cranberries.

For over twenty years we traveled around the country competing with our German Shorthaired Pointers and Brittanys in AKC field trials and events. During this time we were very diligent about breeding our dogs to produce healthy, award winning, happy dogs. When we decided to hang up the whistles we thought we were planning for a quiet, relaxing life on the farm.

Then our first Savannah, Gunney came to join the household. He is not always quiet or relaxing. Every day is a learning experience of fun and adventure. Whether it is watching him run over and around all household obstacles or having him cuddle up close to listen to the giant sized purr, we became enthralled with the Savannahs and had to learn more. As we hope you will to. 

One Savannah was just not enough and we decided that the Savannah breed was just so wonderful that we wanted to produce some of these exotic looking playful cats. Our goal in breeding Savannahs is to raise healthy, well-adjusted kittens with great temperaments while trying to keep the exotic look of the Serval. 

Our cattery is registered with TICA. We bring to the table the same high standards, quality and ethics in the RollinRidge name from years ago. All kittens will go to their new homes well socialized, fully immunized and litter box trained. We will try to find the right Savannah kitten personality to match you and your family.


Ron & Ridgley Carr
Pemberton, New Jersey, USA
cell xx609-304-1093xx / cell xx609-304-1092xx 
email: rollinridge@comcast.net

RollinRidge Savannahs

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